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Prepare a 500- to 750-word brief for Kudler Fin...




Prepare a 500- to 750-word brief for Kudler Fine Foods management: o Evaluate the design elements of the data tables from an accounting perspective. o Create an entity relationship diagram illustrating the existing data tables. o Recommend improvements to the data tables. o Create a pivot table in Microsoft? Excel using the general ledger inventory data located on the Kudler Fine Foods Intranet. This pivot table will be used to provide more information to management at Kudler Fine Foods. o Explain how the information in the pivot table can improve decision-making for management at Kudler Fine Foods, including an example from the data.,Just curious to know if you were able to get the paper started. I have not heard anything about the paper yet.,Michael, It is past the deadline I selected for my paper and I would like to know what is going on. Still have not received any response. I need the paper asap. Please let me know something because i can't keep waiting much longer and i can't afford to be giving money away for a paper that I'm not getting. Thank You,Ok because i need to submit the paper on Sunday(tomorrow).,Michael, I cannot download the paper,Is there another way i can upload the document because what im getting is not a completed paper.,Michael, I still don't understand what you are sending me. I only received one document page and you haven't given me what the assignment asks for.


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