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2.Larimer Industries is a division of Widgetco, a...




2.Larimer Industries is a division of Widgetco, a diversified manufacturer whose divisions are profit centers. Larimer makes a single product, X47, in its plant, which has a capacity of 18,000 units/month. At the normal volume of 10,000 units/month, X47 has a unit cost of $750, consisting of: direct materials, $260; direct labor, $180; overhead, $310. Manufacturing overhead has both fixed and variable components. Fixed overhead is applied at a rate of 150% of direct labor cost. Fixed selling and administrative costs are $620,000/month. Several other companies also make an equivalent product. The market price is normally $900/unit. a. Prepare a monthly income statement for Larimer Industries at a sales volume of 10,000 units, using the contribution format. Note that there is no interest or income tax expense, because Larimer is simply a division of the corporation. b. What is the breakeven level of sales in units per month (round to the nearest whole unit)? c. The marketing department has proposed an ad campaign for next year that will cost $400,000. How many additional units must be sold at the regular price in order for this campaign to yield an incremental profit of $150,000 (round to the nearest whole unit)? d. Windsor Division of Widgetco is developing a new product for which X47 would be an input. What factors would influence the managers of Larimer and Windsor as they negotiate a transfer price?,Please see the enclosed question in red. Thanks !,Thanks. I still ended with something different. I have to turn this is soon, but I will let you know the outcome. I ended with: Breakeven ? $3,320,000/420 = 7,905 Units (Total fixed cost/Contribution margin) c. Targeted Profit ? ($150,000+$400,000) = $550,000/420 = 1,310 Units (Target + Cost)/contribution margin I appreciate all the help and the follow-up.


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