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Is there anyone who can help me with the following...




Is there anyone who can help me with the following? I'm using the SPSS Statistics CD program and these are the following questions: You need to perform the following analyses: Analysis 1: One-way Anova using the iv and dv from the DESGROUP data set. Make sure you click on options and then click on the various descriptive statistics (e.g., mean, standard deviation, etc). Otherwise you will not get this information when you run your analysis. Once you have completed your ANOVA you must then conduct a post-hoc analysis to determine which group (1, 2, or 3) differs from the other. Use a tukey HSD test for the analysis. Next is the creative part. You must now label what the iv could be in real life. What I mean is, based on your outcome, what might be the independent variable (remember 3 levels) and what is the dependent variable (remember, this must be a continuous variable)? Analysis 2: Your next analysis will include entering another variable into the same data set (DESGROUP). This variable will be a quasi-independent variable. I want you to put in gender as the new variable. You will need to insert a new column (just before the iv in the DESGROUP data set would make it easiest). To enter the data for gender we will code women to be 1 and men to be 2. There are 16 cases for each iv (e.g., the first level of iv 1 goes down to case 16, the second level of iv 2 goes to 32 and the 3rd to 48). What I want you to do is enter a 1 (women) for the first 8 of each level of the iv (e.g. the first 8 cases would have a 1 in your gender column) and the next 8, 9 - 16 would have a 2 entered. Do this for each level of the iv. Once you have entered your data you will then conduct a Two-Way Anova for the iv (already in your data set), and your new variable (gender) with the dv. You will need to do a factorial analysis for this one. Once you have analyzed this data you need to interpret the analysis from the output. You should have plenty of examples from you textbook reading. However, I am always available for questions in the Lab 2 discussion forum. Your final task will be to give an written analysis of the outcome of you statistical analysis. This time it is especially important to describe not only the descriptive analysis, but also the F scores, and the significance level. Generally we say the results are statistically significant if the sig. is .05 or below. Remember, the nice thing about statistical software packages is that you do not need to look up the critical value in the table in the back of the book. The computer does this for you. You just look at the sig. level and see if it is at or below .05.,This is the Desgrp for macs.xlsx file ~( 2 columns 48 slots each) File attached,Hi: I will need the statistical chart print outs and a written analysis please. Thank you, grace,Hi: These instructions were also included: For this lab, please have a title page and try to incorporate your own opinion in to the write up. And this was included in my last Lab: Make sure to always state the mean and the standard deviation Thanks!,Thank you!,oops sorry, sent twice.,Another instruction from class: If you can put it all on one document and send it that will be fine too as long as all the parts to the lab are included.,Thank you!,Hi Natalie: Are there 3 different files or just 1?,I see: 8325454 (SPSS Dataset).sav 8325454 (SPSS Output).spv 8325454. docx,Hi Natalie: The only folder I am able to open is 8325454.docx Any suggestions? Thanks, Grace,Hi Natalie: I have no clue what I am doing wrong, but I cannot open the Dataset or the Output file. I do have SPSS installed on my Mac computer. Each time I click to open either folder, it creates another file with the same name and the time that I tried to open it. I am able to open the docx file. Is all of the information in the docx file? When I submit, it will all need to be in one folder. I'm sorry, and thank you. Grace,Hi Natalie: I shut down everything and restarted my computer. YAY~ It opened! I'm looking through the contents now. Thank you! Grace,Hi Natalia: Can all of the information be put into one folder titled "Lab 2 ~ Exp. Psy." for submission? Thank you, Grace,Hi Natalia: You've mentioned "Harmonic Mean" several times. I've looked in my Experimental Psychology Book and cannot find this description or a definition. Please clarify Harmonic there another term? Thank you, grace,Hi Natalia: There is Harmonic Mean. Please look at "a:" below....."Uses Harmonic Mean Sample Size =14.981" VAR00001 Tukey HSDa,b,c VAR00005 N Subset 1 dimension1 1.00 10 48.7000 2.00 21 49.7143 3.00 19 54.0526 Sig. .253 Means for groups in homogeneous subsets are displayed. Based on observed means. The error term is Mean Square(Error) = 82.971. a. Uses Harmonic Mean Sample Size = 14.981. b. The group sizes are unequal. The harmonic mean of the group sizes is used. Type I error levels are not guaranteed. c. Alpha = .05.,It is also used in b "The harmonic mean of the group sizes is used.",Hi Natalia: Thank you! grace,Hi Natalia: In looking at the Descriptives chart, I see your total as being "50". The total number of figures given from the DESGROUP data set chart was 48 (2 columns of 48 numbers). Why is there a discrepancy ( 50 vs. 48)? Thank you, grace,Hi Natalia: I do not know of the 50 observations-the Desgrp has 48. This is from our correspondence: Sent to Statistics And Probability Expert Tutor on 7/30/2012 at 9:06pm You asked: "This is the Desgrp for macs.xlsx file ~( 2 columns 48 slots each) File attached AND THIS is the Desgrp file attachment: ",Hello. Did you receive the above info?,Hi Natalia: Please let me know the status of the last correspondence. Thank you, grace,Hi Natalia; It has been quite awhile since you have responded. Are you going to re-do using the correct 48 observations? If not, please give detailed instructions on the procedure used to reach conclusions so that I can duplicate with the correct 48 observations. The assignment is due Wednesday at 1PM est. Thank you, grace,Natalia: Ok, Unfortunately, it looks like I've submitted to you Lab 1 observations (which there were 50). It's too bad that neither one of us caught it until now. I am going to e-mail the professor and ask if he will accept it. Meanwhile, does your tutoring include the description of how you got to the solutions? If I am asked how, I will not know. Please advise. Thank you, grace


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