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Natalie I have reduced the # of questions, can you...




Natalie I have reduced the # of questions, can you please consider solving these for $ 25.00? I am a student, you have always helped me out and you know that I will come back. Please consider this. Thanks. The questions is also attached in case it is not appearing very well The relationship between cigarette smoking and lung cancer was conducted in a case-control study with 700 cases and 425 controls. Using the results below, calculate the crude odds ratio and explain what the ratio means: o Heavy Smoking?Cases: 450; Controls: 200 o Not Heavy Smoking?Cases: 250; Controls: 225 A case-control study looked at the association of alcohol use with the occurrence of coronary heart disease (CHD). There were 300 participants in the study (150 cases and 150 controls). Of the cases, 90 participants drank alcohol; of the controls, 60 participants drank alcohol. Design the appropriate 2x2 table, calculate and interpret the appropriate measure of association. You suspect that the association between alcohol use and CHD might be confounded by smoking. You collect the following data: Smokers Non-Smokers CHD No CHD CHD No CHD Alcohol Use 80 40 10 20 No Alcohol Use 20 10 40 80 ? Calculate the appropriate measure of association between alcohol use and CHD in both smokers and non-smokers. Discuss whether smoking was a confounder of the association. What is the relationship of alcohol use to CHD after controlling for confounding? ? A study was conducted in young adults to look at the association between taking a driver?s education class and the risk of being in an automobile accident. 450 participants were included in the study, 150 cases who had been in an accident and 300 controls who had not. Of the 150 cases, 70 reported having taken a driver?s education class. Of the 300 controls, 170 reported having taken a driver?s education class. Calculate and interpret the appropriate measure of association between driver?s education and accidents. The question arose as to whether gender might be an effect modifier of this association. When gender was assessed, the data looked like the following: Women Men Accident No Accident Accident No Accident Driver's Ed 10 50 60 120 No Driver's Ed 40 50 40 80 Perform the appropriate calculations to test for effect modification. Interpret your results.,Thanks,Thanks Natalie, I appreciate you!,Thank you so much Natalie V, you made my day!,Hi Natalie, I have some multiple choice questions. It is timed, 2 hours, it is in Biostatistics probably 20 multiple questions, most of the questions will be like the ones you worked for me last time. I am going to need your services at the time. Could you tell me what time will work for you? from now till tomorrow, Like I said this is timed and it is going to be be for two hrs, but if you get it done before that will be great, please tell me how much this will cost and what time will work for you. i can only see the questions when I am ready to go in and have it done within two hours, besides the answers are there, like I said they are multiple choice questions Thanks,Thanks,I don't have the questions, they will probably be on things like finding the odd ratio and things like that. I can only have access to the questions when I am ready to take this test. It is within this time that I will have access to it, and can only send it to you and it needs to be done within two hours, it is multiple choice questions, the answers are there, You just need to pick the right answers, it is gong to be at least for two hours or less, I will be ready anytime you are ready, it is timed, that means within two hours we should be done. What do you say? Thanks,Natalie, are you there? i need to know what time will work for you, i have until 11:00PM Central time tomorrow Sunday 24th of July do it, i just need to know when it will be convenient for you. It is timed, It has to be done within two hours, that means i have access for two hours within which i will forward the questions to you to solve and have the answers ready within the 2 hours, if you finish in less than two hours, that will be great. It is about 20 multiple choice questions with answers, you just need to pick the right ones.What do you say? Thanks,Thanks Natalie, Do you have a particular time in mind that will work for you today, or are you going to be online throughout today. I just need to know that you won't be busy when I am ready since we will be under a frame of 2 hours.,i also understand that i will need to re-post the question afresh under a new ID, just wanna be sure you will be online when i am ready, that is why i am asking if you have any particular time in mind.But if you will be on line all day, then I will post it when I am ready, like I said we will be under 2 hours time frame. Thanks,Thanks, will post them within the hour!


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