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I have a stats assignment where I have to do a sta...




I have a stats assignment where I have to do a statistical method synthesis and critique of 5 articles. I have questions on how to describe what the descriptive statistical analyses the authors used, (we have to include the benefits/challenges the authors would have for the statistical analysis strategies used, b)whether there were other potential strategies that could have been used to analyze descriptive variables. We have to describe the inferential statistical analysis used, including the statements of the assumptions required for each statistical test used and if met, benefits/challenges for the stat analysis strategies used, and whether there are other potential strategies that could have been used. there are many other parts to the assignment, but this is the part that is really holding me up from writing the paper. This first part (and other bits I think I'll be ok with) are for a matrix table. I will attach the 5 articles I chose. The purpose is to differentiate between descriptive and inferential stats in written research articles, discuss rationale for use of specific statistical techniques, to synthesize findings from stat evidence presented and critique descriptive and inferential stat evidence presented. We have to come up with a proposed researchable question/problem based on teh evidence review and from the studies reviewed, an answer to our proposed question, as well as potential future directions for research on the topic and recommended statistical approaches.... A weighty assignment and likely too much to ask here....but help with identifying descriptive and inferential analysis would be of great help to get me started!


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